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In the past 20 years ,Holly company have been engaged in distributing and service in the field of woodworking machines.We have closed relationship with our partner factory weihai Hongyi ,provides the updated of machines and the technical support . We with scientific, rigorous, careful attitude, to provided you qualified product .

We track every process of machine production, have experienced inspection and testing team, each machine will be inspected qualified before delivery, to ensure the stability and reliability of each equipment, make perfection more perfect, constantly improve the quality of equipment.

Our common goal at Holly company is to build the best woodworking machines today and for the future for our customers , every customer who uses Holly machines will have a comfortable experience.

We believed that with strong technical power 、consistent innovation and constantly updated the product,customer satisfaction and success is is the power of us ,this will be reflected in every machine of ours .

20+ years

With profession technical personnel,engaged in the woodworking field more than 30 years ,can communicated well with you and satisfy different requirement of yours.

Quality Assurance

Inspect the machines according to the customer’s requirement strictly,we have equipped with voltage testing instrument “Ac power Frequency Converter”、precision testing instrument and safety testing instrument”safety norms testing testing instrument”.

Professional Service

All delivery machines have effective records ,this will related to the factory’s records ,so we can communicate well with the factory and solved problem in time .

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